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Jokes, insults and the joy of being an only child

Miley Chen, Columnist July 4, 2024

At 4 or 5, I took my first stab at comedy. Though I hardly recall the details, my mom and dad won’t let me forget. “Mommy and Daddy, can I ask you a joke?” I exclaimed. “Okay, Potato!”...

Shakespeare’s the man

Aparajita Srivastava, Columnist July 4, 2024

This summer, my best friend Eliza Cohen ’25 introduced me to the quintessential movies of the early 2000s. Our cinematic journey included hits like, “Miss Congeniality,” “Mean Girls,”...

‘Only God Was Above Us’

Keenan Billings, Columnist July 4, 2024

“Keenan, why are you reviewing a Vampire Weekend album?” “Keenan, why focus on hyper privileged indie music, beloved only by upper-middle class white wine consumers?” “Keenan, why...

Less is more

Diba Demir, Columnist July 4, 2024

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past,” writes George Orwell in “1984.” This omnipresent sense of control, where even the past becomes malleable,...

The upside of a dinner disaster

Martha Balson, Columnist July 4, 2024

On a crisp Saturday night in January, I stumbled upon an unexpected life lesson: the undeniable value of always keeping Tostitos Hint of Lime chips at the ready. My birthday celebration was planned...

Read, white & royal blue

Aparajita Srivastava, Columnist May 17, 2024

I grew up with a very strict set of rules in the house: don’t play on the stairs, sit down while eating, don’t talk to Mom when the car is in reverse, and always read the book before you watch the...

Manifestations of modern love

Diba Demir, Columnist May 17, 2024

Climbing a cobblestone street in the Cukurcuma neighborhood and seeking refuge from the crisp December air of Istanbul, I passed by the shabby shops selling secondhand books, worn Turkish rugs, and old...

What Poo-sheen taught me about joy

Miley Chen, Columnist May 17, 2024

When I was a kid, I used to talk to my stuff ed animals. Sometimes they talked back, but only when my dad was around. Among them, Pusheen was closest to my heart. Pusheen, gifted to me when I was 7, was...

Elk awakening

Martha Balson, Columnist May 17, 2024

We have all heard expressions like “stop and smell the roses,” “time flies,” or “you only live once,” but it seems we seldom act on them. In my busy life, I’ve rarely acknowledged the small...

Vultures 1: Ye or nay?

Keenan Billings, Columnist May 17, 2024

In late February 2024, Kanye “Ye” West returned from his Instagram hiatus to make a typical Kanye statement: “THE MEDIA MAY CONTROL THE NARRATIVE BUT THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.” Kanye’s broad-reaching...

Adapting to my students’ learning style

Richelle Chang, Column Writer November 6, 2023

I’ve figure skated almost all my life, so when I began volunteering for adaptive or therapeutic skating, I was confident in my coaching abilities. A couple of months ago, I waved at Colin, my...

Overthink. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Richelle Chang, Column Writer September 6, 2023

I sat in a conference room in the Almy Library, adding the finishing touches to my Junior Profile this past April on a stressful Friday afternoon. At this point in the day, most everyone had already left...

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