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Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Oppenheimer: the man who destroyed the world

Beckett Dubovik, Features Editor September 6, 2023

Julius Oppenheimer is just as troubled as one might expect a scientist developing an atomic bomb to be. A scene in the second half of his eponymous biopic where he tests the bomb brings his moral quandries...

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Barbie… a feminist?

Alexandra Kluzak, Editor in Chief September 6, 2023

Fellow feminists, we can claim a victory. A blonde pawn of the patriarchy has defected to our side. Her name is Barbie. You may think, ‘Barbie…a feminist?’ ‘That braindead doll…a feminist?’...

Taylor Swift is an icon of our era

Kate Rice September 6, 2023

The Eras Tour. Five continents and 50 shows lasting three-and-a- half hours each. Taylor Swift performs 44 songs from her ten albums, each known as one of her “eras.” Since her last stadium tour in...

One-man show examines life ‘In Between’ Israel, Palestine

One-man show examines life ‘In Between’ Israel, Palestine

Alexandra Kluzak, Editor in Chief June 6, 2023

Half-Israeli, half-Palestinian, Ibrahim Miari grapples with his identity during his hour and half, self-written and directed one-man show, performed before the Global History 2 and Arabic 1, 2, 3, and...

Geneva Burkitt ’24 stands next to her award-winning tree paintings.

Students’ writing and art win Scholastic Awards

Olivia Richter, Contributing Writer April 29, 2023

Reflections on paternal relationships, sibling dynamics, the immigrant experience, and nature: The works of art submitted by the school’s students to the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Awards concerned...

A family walks on the beach in a photo Keenan shot on the Kodak Pocket, a medium format camera. Keenan was intrigued by the camera which his friend’s father had bought at a yard sale. “As soon as I saw it, I began wondering how I could shoot it,” Keenan said.

Keenan’s exhibit showcases unpredictable effects of expired film

Yancheng Zhao, Contributing Writer April 29, 2023

Keenan Billings ’25 embarked on a photography project to explore and illuminate the unique capabilities of expired film and ancient cameras in October of 2022. Now, an exhibit showcasing his work is...

Reflections on Perfection

Richelle Chang, Column Editor April 29, 2023

Have you ever tried a sport or instrument to discover an impossible, stubborn, and fragile attachment to it? I certainly have, and I often wonder if I made the “right choice” ten years ago. The school...

Life With Leo

Leo Wang April 29, 2023

Fifteen-year-old me dreaded the moment of arriving at music camp, but it finally came. I dragged my boxy suitcase into the cabin that reeked of wood mixed with old furniture. My slides caught on the door...

Arts Department shakes up offerings with new semester-long courses

Douglas Zhang, Arts Editor April 29, 2023

As students submitting their course selections leafed through the 2023-24 Program Planning Guide in early April, they encountered a plethora of new arts offerings, which include trimester-long and semester-long...

Angie Teigs A Letter to America receives accolades

Angie Teig’s “A Letter to America” receives accolades

Emilia Khoury, Staff Writer October 11, 2022

America, freedom, and entitlement are often strung together in the same sentence. This summer a film produced by Angie Teig ’23 exploring this chain of words was awarded the Merit Award in the WRPN Women’s...

BIPOC voices reverberate with resilience

BIPOC voices reverberate with resilience

Graham Lee, Arts Editor September 8, 2022

With the help of the theater department and the DEIG office, Nejma Reza ’23 collaborated with and directed six other Upper School (US) students to highlight their voices through her production “Resilient...

Unearthing mural mysteries

Unearthing mural mysteries

Danielle Brennan, Editorials Editor June 7, 2022

Theater Depiction in the Language Stairwell: The colorful, animated faces of costumed figures in the spiraling green stairwell by the quiet room often puzzle students upon first glance. Where did they...

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