Spread the word: Bucky is bigger than it seems


Danielle Brennan, Editorials Editor

What makes BB&N different? It’s filled to the brim with unique and talented students, committed faculty, engaging class time, tons of cool coursework, and school-specific trademarks like the Junior Profile and Senior Spring Project. The Upper School (US) radiates distinction and character. It can be easy to spend all our time in our art-covered walls, but don’t let what’s outside our school slip your mind.

Sure, the parking situation can be grim (see 50.8 “Let’s press the gas on shuttle efficiency” about fourth lot), but our campus radiates such potent personality because it can’t sprawl over lush fields in suburbia. Our setting is one of a kind.

Just across the scenic (albeit uniquely…muddy) Charles River, globally-ranked universities, locally- beloved establishments, and historical landmarks imbue our urban campus with even more character.

With COVID restrictions lifted and incoming freshmen primed for the full US experience, let us remind ourselves to explore our surroundings to the fullest: namely, Harvard Square. The shuttle doesn’t only go to the dreaded fourth lot; it stops just beside Charlie’s Kitchen, Felipe’s, and Zinnekin’s. See our feature on these tasty spots for burgers, burritos, and Belgian waffles in 50.4, pg 11. If you’re hungry after school or during a free block (and are authorized to go off campus), these hotspots pack a sweet or savory punch for any mood or post-practice hunger. If you’re looking to go in another direction, you can even head right out of the loop and stop at Darwin’s LTD, a favorite breakfast destination for students.

Is your stomach full but your pencil case looking empty? Head to the stationery shops lined with colorful pens, pencils, and notebooks. Topdrawer carries aesthetic pastels, bright planners, and drawing supplies. Moleskine awaits the matured note-taker with a more sophisticated taste. There’s also the venerable Bob Slate Stationer, which has been supplying students in the Square since 1930.

Speaking of productivity, want to test out the new ink and lead? Head to one of many lush grass oases nestled between the old red-brick and narrow streets, bustling with college students and locals alike. Plant yourself on a bench and get to doodling, or finally start that essay. Take a friend for bonus points! Company to share the falling leaves or autumn sun with will maximize your Harvard Square experience.

If hanging out in basements or backyards gets old, stop by the Head of the Charles when it rolls around, or people-watch in the two-floored, window-plentiful Starbucks just next to the train station while sipping an iced coffee or munching on a treat from Flour. Get that group project wrapped up in time to go for a walk and discover your new favorite spot—and don’t forget to spread the word when you do!