Photo Collage: Student artwork


Saffron Patel and Emmy Lev

Top: As part of a Global Voices project led by Integrated Arts Teacher Saskia Van Vactor, Josie Ruiz ’29 made “Taking The Earth Into Our Hands,” and Aras Acemoglu ’30 made a Haitian-inspired painting. Below (L to R): Featured in the Upper School gallery this spring were “Yosemite Tourist Center,” by Madera Longstreet-Lipson ’23; “Ramen,” by Elaine Mo ’22; a pine bluetooth speaker case by Natalie Veson ’22; photographs by Olivia Bancel ’22 and Siena Lerner-Gill ’21; “The Horseshoe Diner,” by Aidan Swenson ’23; “Goats,” by Arden Conine ’22; a vase by Jack Cohen ’22; a teapot by Ellie Berman ’21; “Graffiti,” by Sydney Bernstein ’22; and a painting by Ellie Attissani ’21.