Season Recap: Boys’ Varsity Tennis


Audra Soni, Contributing Writer

Boys’ Varsity Tennis had a decently normal season and managed to play some amazing tennis, according to Team Captain Andrew Zhao.

COVID restrictions and policies meant the team struggled to find opportunities to compete and even practice.

“A lot of us haven’t played as much because of the pandemic, so skill-wise we are a little rusty compared to the previous few years,” Andrew said. “That’s not to say there’s not a lot of talent on the team. I think we’re all pleasantly surprised that we even had a season, so we’ve been playing to enjoy this irregular season, despite the fewer number of matches.”

Challenge matches and pizza after late practice on Thursdays have contributed to team bonding, Andrew said, adding, “We all get along great. There’s nothing like high-fiving a teammate right after you hit a great shot. It felt as though we really found our groove as a team.”

Lucas Liu ’23, having joined the team after taking a two-year hiatus from competitive play, said he appreciated the group’s encouragement while he refined his skills.

“The beginning was rough because I was so rusty,” he said. “The team supported me, and I slowly got much better, and I continue to feel supported. It’s been awesome.”

The team ended the season with a record of 3-3.