Season Recap: Sailing


Anika Desai, Staff Writer

On the water every weekday for practice and over two weekends for this season, the sailing team had a relaxing and competitive spring participating in two matches without official scores.

Fotis Zafiriou ’23 said he enjoyed the sailing practice environment.

“I find sailing very relaxing. I enjoy listening to the boat bounce off the waves, [feeling] a cool breeze on my face, and being on the water with my friends,” he said.

Co-Captain Alan Bers ’21 detailed a team-bonding experience on the water.

“We had a really windy practice, and two of our boats flipped for the first time,” he said. “We had to collaborate and work together to stay calm and make the most out of the situation.”

Kate Constan ’22, whose boat capsized with her and Spiros Gerogiannis ’24 in it, said managing capsizing calmly is a necessary part of becoming a skilled sailor.

“It all turned out fine,” she said, “and it worked out as a good way to teach newer sailors about problem-solving.”

Co-Captain Ilsa Weinert ’21 said a full roster of 20 sailors this year made for a different kind of season.

“The most challenging thing about the season was one of the best,” she said. “In the past, we’ve had a very small group of people on the team, and this year we had [many] people join us. It was incredible; I was really happy to see that so many people were interested in participating, and I am really hopeful that this is a rebirth of sailing at BB&N.”