What do we say about life day-to-day?


Editorial Board, Volume 50

In response to this year’s all-in learning model, the school tasked a committee of faculty and staff to design a new schedule that addressed issues from previous years. The changes to the schedule included increased assembly and advisory time, fewer club meeting opportunities, and designated “office hours” and “wellness breaks” to meet with teachers or relax without other commitments. “We wanted to provide opportunities for everyone, faculty and students, to breathe, instead of going through the day extremely quickly, like we’ve done in the past,” Scheduling Subcommittee Chair Michael Chapman said.
The Vanguard reported and opined on these changes in “New schedule redefines ‘normal,’” Vol. 50, No. 3, and “Strength isn’t always in numbers,” Vol. 50, No. 4, and after experiencing the schedule for two months, conducted a survey of 174 students, faculty, and staff to provide feedback to the committee and school community.