Photo Collage: Halloween


Saffron Patel and Emmy Lev


TRICK OR TREAT: Students dress up for on-campus Halloween celebrations on October 29. TOP: Darius Sinha, Nikki Minski, Juliet Shaywitz (all ’24), Avery Rubins, and Hannah Curhan (both ’23) as the Scooby Doo crew; Eliza Cohen ’25 as Thanos; Maria Zacharia ’25 as Witch; Alexandra Stellwagen, CC Chung, Ellie Wade, and Anjali Hudson (all ’22) as the aliens from “Toy Story”; Rahdin Salehian ’23 as David S. Pumpkins; Alexandra Fabbri ’23 as Loki; and Gabi Martin ’23 as a reindeer on vacation.