Season Recap: Cross Country


Aparajita Srivastava, Contributing Writer

“Runners, set! Go!” Head Cross Country (XC) Coach Charlie O’Rourke yells. The gun goes off and the cross-country team begins their end-of-season mile, racing along the Charles River. This caps off successful seasons of growth for Boys and Girls Varsity Cross Country (BVXC and GVXC), with respective records of 3-12 and 8-4.

Coach O’Rourke said his goal was making sure athletes work hard, improve, and still have fun. A favorite moment was when Maddie Gaynor ’24 won the Junior Varsity race at St. Marks, he said.

“It came down to the last 100 yards with both girls sprinting to the finish, and everyone was cheering from both teams. Maddie willed herself to win. I will always remember the determination from Maddie in that moment.”

Sebastian Southworth ’25 was proudest of the difference in his five-kilometer time by the end of the season, he said.

“The biggest hurdle was building up my stamina and keeping up with the group of upperclassmen,” Sebastian said.

“However, after a season of consistent effort, I managed to shave minutes from my 5k time and keep up with the pack.”

Augustus Hawk and Konstantin Lukin-Yelin (both ’22) led the boys while Annie Stockwell and Corrie Waters (both ’22) led the girls. Augie recalled bus rides home after meets when athletes put their hard run behind them and turned to karaoke and Oreos.

“You learn in those moments a different version of what you would consider love to be like,” Augustus said, “A team love.”

Post-season, Hannah Bernstein ’24 ranked on the First All-League Independent School League (ISL) Team and was named to the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council All-Stars. Ford Legg ’23, Sylvia Brennan ’24, and Naomi Hammerschlag ’25 placed on the Second All-League ISL Team.