[What’s Happening] Welcome, new clubs!


Freshmen, do you not know what clubs to join? Upperclassmen, are you tired of all the clubs that have been around for years? Spend your Community Activity Blocks (CAB) in one of these new clubs! Read on to learn more about them. 


Film Club

The Film Club, led by Lucian Wood, Sofi Piccirillo, Chloe Wallace, Shirin Cooper, and Dunia Sarkis (all ’22) meets on Mondays during CAB in room 237 and additional evening screenings happen once a month. Because each meeting is different, students can drop into the club to join the discussion whenever available. Meetings are centered around films that explore diverse perspectives, including those directed by women, people of color, or other marginalized groups. Examples include films directed by Chloe Zhao and Wes Anderson.

“Participants will solicit ideas about themes in life, as well as discuss the technical and design aspects such as color schemes,” Dunia said.

—Richelle Chang ’24


Competitive Portfolio Team

Competitive Portfolio Team (CPT) is a tryout-based team that aims to build management portfolios to beat the S&P 500, which acts as the benchmark in the tracking of the 500 biggest U.S. companies. Club members will develop their stock-trading knowledge and compete against other schools during Friday CAB meetings, Club Leader Augustus Hawk ’22 said.

“We are looking for the top traders of our school,” Augustus said. “Students who are interested in the stock market are encouraged to try out for the competitive portfolio team.”

—Richelle Chang ’24


International and Humanitarian Business Club

Led by Colin Michna ’22, International and Humanitarian Business Club meets every Wednesday CAB in room 375 to discuss topics ranging from international trade to

environmental sustainability. During their meetings, members review a global non-profit charity and formulate a case study for the solution of related issues. 

—Richelle Chang ’24


Composition Club:

Daniel Kyte-Zable ’23 spends much time in Renaissance Hall practicing and composing music, a passion he aims to share with his peers through Composition Club. 

“Each meeting, we’ll have different composer-related activities where we can write music with specific parameters, or certain requirements,” Daniel said. 

—Aleeza Riaz ’25


Rugby Club:

Rugby Club, led by Angus Crafter ’22 and Fin Crafter ’23, brings international athletics to the school. The rugby enthusiasts meet during Friday CAB on the turf field, where they practice drills, play games, and block scrimmages. They hope to have “proper games” in the spring, Fin said, when everyone has more experience.

—Aleeza Riaz ’25


Surf Club:

Created by David Rome ’22 and Matt Nicholas ’23, US students can now join  Surf Club. Although surfing is rare in metropolitan Massachusetts, the club’s participants will do surfing-related activities and learn about the sport. Club meetings are open to anyone and include watching movies and pro-tournaments and forming connections with local surf shops. 

—Aleeza Riaz ’25


W.I.N.S :

Women in National Security (W.I.N.S) club, run by Saanika Raina ’23, meets either Wednesday or Friday at CAB to empower female students to pursue careers in national security and understand how modern national security issues change and evolve, Saanika said. 

“Women are underrepresented in the national security field and can often bring a unique perspective to the security challenges facing the country,” she said. “With this club, I aim to give girls the exposure and confidence to explore their interest in this field.”

—Krishna Patel ’25



MIND club, run by Alexandra Fabbri, Jayline Figueroa, and Audrey Watnick (all ’23), meets Wednesdays or Fridays at CAB to speak openly about mental health and help those suffering from mental health issues. Their aim is to educate people about mental illnesses and to create support systems for students.

“We felt we couldn’t leave BB&N without creating a space for students to learn about and discuss mental health, which is so important in a culture that often values work over wellbeing,” Alexandra said. 

—Krishna Patel ’25


BeeBee&N Club

Founded by Eli Waisburd ’22, BeeBee&N club works to “increase awareness in the community of the significance of bees in our environment, educate students on the activity of beekeeping, and offer students an engaging opportunity to utilize the skills they learn to give back to their local communities,” Eli said. 

This club hosted a speaker from the Audubon Society’s Drumlin Farm in their first meeting, who spoke about the importance of bees. Eli also plans for the club’s participants to visit Drumlin Farm and actively participate in beekeeping. The club will donate the honey collected by participants of the group to local food banks, Eli said. 

—Krishna Patel ’25


Spikeball Club

Spikeball Club, run by Mike Veson and Ben Surenian (both ’23), meets during Friday CAB on the turf for casual Spikeball games and eventually, a tournament with a bracket of participants. Ben said he created this club after he noticed the positive impact of playing Spikeball during free periods and lunch last year. 

“My hope is that it will create new friendships or stronger connections while still being a competitive, fun activity,” Ben said.

—Sylvia Brennan ’24


Quiz Bowl Club

Created by Leo Wang and Bradford Kimball (both ’24), the Trivia Club organizes Kahoots and trivia during Friday CAB in room 160. Bradford and Leo also hope to field a team to compete in the High School Massachusetts Quiz Show and other competitions.

“We have a lot of potential here in this school, and all that needs to happen is for that talent [to] show results,” Leo said. 

—Sylvia Brennan ’24


Outdoor recreation club

Arden Conine and Jeremy Altman (both ’22) lead Outdoor Recreation Club in discussions of hiking, biking, and various other outdoor experiences on Monday CAB in room 370. 

“Our club is mainly about getting excited about the different upcoming seasons, and discovering a space to connect with people of similar interests,” Arden said. 

—Emilia Khoury ’25


Music discussion club

Music Discussion Club, led by Aris Baltazidis and Beau Bialow (both ‘23), meets Monday CAB in room 237 to share musical interests and explore new songs. Aris and Beau plan on having a shared Spotify playlist among club members to encourage different styles of music.

“We really do want a diversity of opinions and tastes to be shared and hope the club will achieve that,” Aris said. 

—Emilia Khoury ’25