Kaur rises into new role

Rollinson steps down as math and comp sci department head


Aparajita Srivastava, Staff Writer

Upper School (US) Math and Computer Science Department Head Chip Rollinson is stepping down after seven years and handing the reins to US Math and Computer Science Teacher Meena Kaur.

Mr. Rollinson will continue as a math and computer science teacher while Ms. Kaur will take on his former role as department head, overseeing the 600 US students who will be enrolled in a math class in the 2022-2023 school year, “a record amount” Ms. Kaur said.

Ms. Kaur joined the US as a math teacher in the fall of 2008. She spent two years in the Peace Corps, teaching in Tanzania and then in public schools in New Hampshire and Massachusetts for eight years.

“I am excited for the new role [since] it allows me to work with more members of the community,” Ms. Kaur said.

She is planning to operate on the themes of equity and accessibility and plans on prioritizing direct communication between students and teachers. She also plans on maintaining the rigor and standards of the math department.

Ms. Kaur said the math department is well-equipped to address the impacts of the pandemic on students’ learning.

“Teachers are working directly with students to fill in any gaps that may have formed and we feel confident that students are getting a strong math education at BB&N,” she said.

Ms. Kaur said every math faculty members’ voice will be heard in meetings.

“I plan on facilitating meaningful discussions when it comes to department decisions and changes,” she said.

During the 2021-22 school year, Ms. Kaur taught Algebra 2, Geometry, Statistics, and Pre-calculus Advanced.

Outside of her duties as a math teacher, Ms. Kaur served as a tenth grade adviser, and she organized the announcements and activities during the Monday and Friday weekly assemblies.

To take on the role of department head, Ms. Kaur will teach one fewer course during the 2022-23 school year and will leave the tenth-grade advisers’ team. However, she will continue to run assemblies.

After Mr. Rollinson decided to step down as department head, Ms. Kaur applied for the position this fall. She was then chosen by Head of School Jennifer Price, US Director Geoffrey Theobald, US Assistant Director Katrina Fuller and Chief Learning Officer Jed Lippard.

Mr. Rollinson said he is excited to see Ms. Kaur in this role as she’s proven she thrives in new positions.

“Ms. Kaur is a veteran BB&N teacher; she knows a lot of the ins and outs of the department and the school,” Mr. Rollinson said.

He also hopes to see excitement for math and computer science continue following the record enrollment in math courses for next year.

US Math Teacher Hannah Saris said she admires Ms. Kaur’s kindness.

“She has a huge heart [and that’s apparent] when she interacts with all her students and colleagues.”

Caroline Roche ’23, a student of Ms. Kaur’s for two years, described her as passionate, patient, and a “mathemagician.”

“Ms. Kaur will go down in the hall of fame for math department heads,” she said. “Knowing Ms. Kaur for as long as I have, I’ve come to see her strong leadership capabilities and open-mindedness which I am certain will contribute to her success as the math department head,” Caroline said.