Season Recap: Sailing


Elliot Johnson, Staff Writer

The sailing team has had a smooth season due to the increase in team bonding, Assistant Co-Captain Caroline White ’23 said, which has been a big improvement over last year.

“I’ve seen a lot of progression in the team’s dynamic,” Caroline said. “The bus has gotten louder–much more laughing–and subsequently, we’ve improved a lot on the water.”

The team had a ‘bailer party’ at the beginning of the season where they decorated bailers–buckets to remove water from the boats–with colorful tape. This season has been a relative return to normalcy compared to last year, and friendly fleet races– every boat for themselves–provided a great form of bonding for the two people in the boat, Caroline said.

“You have to constantly work and communicate with the person in your boat,” she said.

Assistant Co-Captain Max Boni ’23 said new coaches also added to the success of the season. Joining the team this year as assistant coaches were Middle School Academic Technology Specialist Greta Farrell and Executive Assistant to the CFO/COO Hannah Emmert with returning head Coach Nicholas Athletic Center Facilities Lead Seth Oliver.

“[Coach Oliver] radiates super-positive energy for the team and creates a good balance between fun and competition,” Max said.