Season Recap: Girls’ Varsity Crew


Sylvia Brennan, Contributing Writer

Even though the majority of Girls Varsity Crew (GVC) had never raced before this season, GVC finished its first competitive season since 2019. A steep learning curve ensued for the new rowers and six new coxswains, which seniors with institutional knowledge have helped flatten, first-boat coxswain Connie Yang ’22 said.

“We’ve really made the most out of this spring,” Connie said. “We’ve [formed] a supportive and tight-knit group where we are always learning together. The boat that I cox is a perfect representation of the crew team [connecting students across grades] as it has three seniors, a sophomore, and a freshman.”

Elizabeth Chin ’23 said intense workouts on the rowing machine and water have increased her fitness and facilitated team bonding.

“We’re all super close because of the collective pain we go through during weekly Monday erg tests and race-prep practices on Wednesdays,” she said. “You spend the most time with your own boat, which is only five people, [but] hanging out with everyone else on the dock is always great.”

Elizabeth said the supportive team dynamic is especially important in guiding the team through hardship. On a Friday after a difficult week of practice with a matchup against formidable opponents Winsor and Nobles ahead, the team shared a heart-to-heart in the locker room, Elizabeth said.

While the team lost 1-3, Elizabeth, whose boat won, said the congratulations she received are indicative of the team’s strong dynamic.

“Overall, we just love being goofy and having a good time with each other,” she said. “We’ve learned so much and [have] come so far this season. Crew is a team sport at the end of the day.”