Season Recap: Girls’ Varsity Basketball


Chloe Taft, Contributing Writer

With four players who contracted COVID and three players injured, Girls Varsity Basketball (GVBB) had to overcome multiple obstacles over the course of the season, Co-Captain Mattie Hung ’23 said, and her role as a leader has been especially necessary.

“It’s really important, as a captain, to bring everybody together this year against these tough conditions,” she said.

Mattie said she’s “really proud of the whole team” for persevering through all the season’s challenges, including their overtime win against Cushing Academy.

“I was really proud of how everybody stayed positive and kept trying right until the last minute. That moment when everybody stormed the court and we were all jumping up and down and hugging each other made it all worth it,” Mattie said.

Co-Captain Ja’Niya Ellcock-Crayton ’23 said the team’s strong dynamic has made her job as co-captain an easy one.

“This team made being a captain not just fun but easy,” she said. “The team got along well off the jump. We always had fun whether we were in practice or games, cheering each other on and filling rooms with our laughter.”

Despite the season’s complications, GVBB had a great season and grew a lot collectively and as individuals, Hannah Bernstein ’24 said.

“It has definitely been an environment where we are all just trying to get better together, so it’s [very stress-free],” she said. “We have a lot of players who are new to the game, so everyone’s grown in all areas because we’ve all learned to do different things.”

GVBB ended the season with a record of 5-13.