Readers Respond: Going maskless


Alexandra Kluzak, On Campus Editor

As spring approaches, many members of the school could go maskless, braving the smell of newly laid manure and allergy-inducing pollen. The Vanguard hit the halls to discover the little things that bring us joy when no-longer wearing a mask.

“It’s nice to see people smile. And when you’re laughing with someone, it makes the joke even funnier because you can see their face.” –Lily Coughlan ’24

“No longer having to worry about sneezing in a mask; that sucks.” –Brian Brennan ’24

“The most fulfilling part of not having to wear a mask is to fully see and understand people in class discussions or your friends. It allows all of us to be in-tune and read others’ expressions, promoting genuine thoughts and ideas.” –Aleeza Riaz ’25

“When the students can see each other’s lips, it makes it easier to learn a foreign language.” –Upper School Spanish Teacher Gabriela Gonzenbach

“Not having to remember to bring one.” –Upper School Science Teacher Jake Nagy

“It’s nice to be able to tell what people’s facial expressions are.” –Arvaneh Jamil ’24