Ibram X. Kendi leads AISNE webinar on how to be anti-racist

Anjali Reddy ’23

The words of Professor Ibram X. Kendi, author of three bestselling books
on anti-racism, reached over 9,000 independent school parents, faculty, and
staff at an Association of Independent Schools in New England Zoom webinar.
On March 3, 127 independent schools— including 160 faculty and staff, 146
families, and 11 board members from BB&N—participated in the event to
step toward fostering an anti-racist environment in their communities. The
event was separated into three one-hour sessions: a Q&A with Dr. Kendi and
two successive breakout-room discussions, where various identity groups
reflected on Dr. Kendi’s words.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Global Education Officer Leila Bailey-
Stewart found Dr. Kendi’s explanation of the complexity of anti-racism to

be a key takeaway from the
event, she said.
“Dr. Kendi shared that
actually the concepts of
racism are simple, and
that is why they are easy to
spread,” Ms. Bailey-Stewart
said. “It’s the concepts
of anti-racism that are
Leslie Riedel P’26,’28 saw
Dr. Kendi’s talk as a reminder
of the work that lies ahead
of the school as it moves
toward becoming anti-racist, she said. “I am just reminded of the work that is
nonstop. It’s not about not being racist. It’s about being anti-racist. You are
always working in order to move forward and make a more equitable society.”