The Vanguard is the official student newspaper of the Buckingham Browne & Nichols School.  The paper is a forum for differing views and welcomes comments from all readers in the form of Letters to the Editor.  No anonymous letters will be printed.  The Vanguard reserves the right to edit all letters for length.

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Volume 45 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Scanlan ’18
Managing Editor: Rachel Avram ’18
Editorials Editor: Delila Keravuori ’18
Opinions Editor: Jiho Lee ’18
Projects Editor: Alia Rizvi ’18
Media Editor: Yliuz Sierra Marin ’18
On-Campus Editor: Laila Shadid ’19
Off-Campus Editor: Benjamin Gross-loh ’19
Sports Editor: Lauren Yun ’19
Arts Editor: Sam Klein Roche ’19
Features Editor: Talia Belz ’19
Production Manager: Lucy Goldfarb ’18
Assistant Production Manager: Sam Moscow ’19
Photo Editor: Zoe Ting ’18
Assistant Photo Editor: Leyla Ewald ’19
Staff Artist: Angela Liu ’18
Business Manager: Carly Newell ’18
Website Manager: Thomas Sulikowski ’19
Faculty Adviser: English Teacher Allison Kornet


Staff Writers:

Ella Benjamin, Kaveri Bhargava, Trevor Khanna, Angela Liu, Katie McKinley, Ali Plump, Emory Sabatini, Avik Sarkar, Charlotte Shapiro, Elisa Tabor, Michelle Tang, Alexandra Brizius, Max Haigney, Maia Pandey

Staff Artist:

Angela Liu