5 Things You didn’t know about Science Teacher Melissa Courtemanche

Dylan Higgins, Sports Editor

1 When I was growing up, I had an imaginary friend named Jackie. Despite having a younger sister, I insisted that my parents include Jackie in all of our family outings and gatherings. One day, after a couple of years, I reported that she rode her bike to California, and that was the end of her!


2 I went to DNA camp as an adult. It was a two-week-long residential (sleepover!) camp where participants from all over the country studied and experimented with DNA. We lived in the dorms at Amherst College and ate our meals in the dining hall.


3 I love to camp and hike. My first backcountry camping experience was in Glacier National Park. After hiking 15 miles to my reserved tent site, I ran into a ranger who informed me that it was in the most grizzly-bear-dense area of the entire park. I didn’t sleep a wink!


4 My first summer job was picking cucumbers on a farm in Western Massachusetts.


5 I have dreams of becoming a falconer.