Admission office welcomes new leader

Young director brings college enrollment experience and international perspective


Photo courtesy of Jorge Delgado

Director of Enrollment Management Jorge Delgado emigrated from Peru before attending Brentwood School in Los Angeles and Wesleyan University in Connecticut. “I very much believe in the power of education, as it has shaped the trajectory of my life,” he said.

Quinn Liu, Managing Editor

When Brandeis University’s director of admissions had a last-minute family emergency that prevented her from attending an event in Washington D.C. for admitted students, she had just one day to find someone who could fly down and give the keynote speech. She called Jorge Delgado—the first person that came to mind—and he was willing to do it, she said.

“His flight got severely delayed,” the director, Sara Berkshire, recalled. “Because of this, he had to get off the airplane immediately, get into an Uber, [and] change into a full suit and tie in the back seat. He arrived right on time for his speech, met the families afterward, then hopped on a plane and flew right back the same night.”

Ms. Berkshire said she could depend on Mr. Delgado’s positive energy and flexibility, and now the school is speaking to those same qualities as it welcomes him as its new director of enrollment management.

Head of School Jen Price said she was impressed with Mr. Delgado for his lively personality and ability to connect quickly with others.

“He is a very engaging person, and I think one of the challenges of his role is that he [must] interact with so many people at a very fast rate—for example, many prospective students and their parents,” she said.

Dr. Price also noted Mr. Delgado’s great understanding of admissions from his background in international and domestic admissions at the university level. From 2010 to 2014, Mr. Delgado was an assistant director of admissions at George Washington University, followed by a two-year position as a senior assistant director of admissions at Bentley University. From 2016 to 2020, he was the associate director of admissions at Brandeis University.

Dr. Price said these qualifications matched her clear priority during the search.

“First and foremost, deep management and admissions experience was very important to me,” she said. “The vast majority of my career has been in public schools where there is not an admissions process, so it was very important for me to have a colleague with deep admissions experience who I also believe embodies the passion and values of BB&N.”

The school began searching for a new director of enrollment management promptly after Geordie Mitchell’s announcement in March of his plans to depart (see “Admission office bids goodbye to Mitchell,” Volume 49, Issue No. 2). After 20 initial candidates for the position were selected, a committee of administrators, admission team members, and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) conducted interviews, and the SLT narrowed the candidate group down to four. Each finalist visited the school for a day, met with members of the selection committee along with the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Global Education office, and completed a performance task in which they used school data to present how they thought the school could improve its admissions process.

However, after a month of vetting, none of the four candidates ended up being hired, Dr. Price said. So they conducted a second selection round and chose three new finalists, which eventually led them to Mr. Delgado.

“The role [of the admissions leader] in attracting and retaining the right students is the heart and soul of every independent school,” Dr. Price said. “Mr. Delgado’s importance in positioning our school through crafting the student body is incredibly important. Once you get through admissions, it doesn’t mean that you’re done with Mr. Delgado. He’s here to help you manage being at BB&N.”

Director of Athletics Chuck Richard, one of the 12 members on the selection committee, said he was impressed with Mr. Delgado’s extensive admissions experience, specifically with respect to athletics.

“We like to use the [phrase] ‘checking boxes,’ and Mr. Delgado has experience in a lot of areas. For example, as the athletic director, when Mr. Delgado said that some of his responsibilities at [George Washington University] were overseeing the college’s international athletic population, that immediately told me that he has experience with strong athletics programs,” he said.

Mr. Delgado and his mother emigrated from Peru before he attended Brentwood School in Los Angeles and came east to earn his bachelor’s degree at Wesleyan University. He speaks four languages and anticipates completing his master’s degree in strategic analytics from Brandeis in 2022.

“I very much believe in the power of education, as it has shaped the trajectory of my life,” Mr. Delgado said. “After working with students at the university level, I decided that I wanted to have the experience of working in a secondary school with students who were at a different stage in their development.”

Now that his first academic year in the new role is beginning, Mr. Delgado said, he anticipates his biggest challenge will be communicating what the school is like to prospective families unable to visit campus.

“I’m lucky to have the fantastic admissions team that exists across all three campuses to help,” he said. “I am still incredibly excited to get to talk with the students, parents, [and] alumni and really understand what truly makes BB&N special.”