Fill your fall with fun

Editorial Board

As we continue to be uncertain about the effect of the dropping
temperatures on COVID, The Vanguard has noticed an increase in general
anxiety. The problems caused by schlepping coats to each class are at the
forefront of students’ minds, each sniffle receives panicked looks, and lack
of access to the hot chocolate machine has left us all unsatiated. There’s
more to fall than crunching leaves and dealing with feelings of impending
doom, though, so here are a few ways to spend time in the cool COVID

1. Get outside with some friends and attempt a corn maze! Bonus points if
you get lost, as it will most likely facilitate even better social distancing. The panic it will cause may even take your mind off the several other terrifying things occurring in our nation right now.

2. Although there won’t be many football games for tailgating this year,
you can still celebrate outdoors. Find a new experience to support from the back of your truck. Have a picnic and cheer on kayakers paddling down the Charles or support the robotics team in their quest to become an actual sport.

3. If you’re missing the feeling of the annual Knighting Ceremony—
excuse us, pep rally— create your own at home! Blast the “Game of Thrones” soundtrack, grab a blue or gold morph suit, and smear some paint on your face. Don’t forget to wait outside a door for 20 to 30 minutes to buy some BB&N merch on your way out.

4. Rain often feels like a major inconvenience to any plans set, but don’t
let that stop your outdoor schemes. Use your Bivouac knowledge—or rectify your lack thereof—and build an A-frame in your backyard.

5. As our days shorten and we spend much more time in the dark, fight
the black night and meander through the Boston Lights exhibit at the Franklin Park Zoo. If the gorgeous lights don’t make your day, try emulating the animals surrounding you and attempt your best barn owl impression. Sometimes you feel better after a good screech.

6. Making friends this year might feel a bit difficult with
the grade segregation, so work on increasing your social circle by getting to know the nearest Knight Corps member! In all likelihood they need a break from their monotonous ‘6 feet apart!’ slogan.

7. If all of these activities fail to spark an autumnal bonfire in your heart, you might try dropping out of the race toward winter altogether. Hop on a Boston Harbor boat and sail far, far away until you’ve reached the Southern Hemisphere, and impress your English teacher by attending Zoom class while on an Odyssey of your own.