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The arrival of September signals a fresh start—a new year to try new endeavors and a new opportunity to improve on those from last year.

The Vanguard believes that connecting with your student leaders during these first fall weeks can help kick off your year strongly. From day one, peer leaders can help you become more active in the community and seek to enact changes in parts of school life that matter to you—all while diminishing your back-to-school jitters.

If you have questions about a club or suggestions to make it more interesting, reach out to its presidents. If you have questions about your fall sports schedule or playing time, talk to your captains, who are in constant communication with your coach and can provide both logistical information or pointers on your technique.

If you’re anxious about increased workload, social troubles, or any other back-to-school stressors, connect with the Peer Counselors, Sophomore Guides, or Junior Guides for friendly advice. They can provide reliable support and serve as good listeners throughout the year.

Please also consider suggesting article ideas to The Vanguard or writing a letter to the editor if you have thoughts on school-related issues or want an audience for your opinion on a topic affecting the community.

And don’t be afraid to utilize your student government if you want to weigh in on school policy, school culture, or any other aspect of school. Your student council members, presidents, and vice presidents are in regular communication with Ms. Payne and can connect with the administration to enforce new policies—such as the emails detailing the upcoming week’s X-Block schedules—after hearing widespread concern.

Student-to-student communication can also strengthen the community. Working to solve a problem with your peers can foster collaboration and introduce you to new people. And sometimes high school-related concerns are easier to take to peers than to faculty members or administrators.

The Vanguard bets that using each other often and well could truly make a difference in easing the summer-fall transition and enhancing the year as a whole.

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