Waiting for Super Fans

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 2.36.15 PMWith close to 50 sports teams that represent the Upper School (US) each year, there is an abundance of games to watch to show off your Knights pride. Most kids turn up for the annual Belmont Hill vs. BB&N football game, Friday Knight Lights, and the Winterfest games, but The Vanguard believes more of our teams could use support.

What if the Athletic Department formed a “Super Fan Club” similar to the Petropoulos Program in the arts? Rather than attending art events, this group of US students could attend a designated number of sports games per season or year to earn official recognition for their interest in sports, even if they are not the athletes themselves.

A Super Fan program could increase school spirit and camaraderie and give teams other than varsity boys the athletic appreciation and recognition they deserve. All of our athletes are incredibly dedicated and put many long hours into improving their skills and working as a team. More support at games—more cheering on of our friends playing any school sport at any level, home or away—would give value to their efforts. A little encouragement from the Athletic Department might make it possible for students to attend contests and competitions according to their convenience and interest.

Watching classmates excel on the field or court or river is a great way to unwind from a long week in the classroom while learning more about the people that make up our school. Whether cheering alongside an unfamiliar knight or congratulating a previously unknown player on a nice game, aspiring Super Fans may broaden their connections within the school at every game.

Perhaps students in the off-season of their favorite sport could waiver once a year as a Super Fan to help meet their athletic requirement. But even students playing competitive sports in-season could join the group because each team’s schedule is a little different. Friday and Saturday games, when students have the whole weekend to commit to homework and other pursuits, are great to watch, especially with friends. Plus, those whose current habits in attending games already qualify them as “Super Fans” would now get recognition for their dedication.

Of course, to be put into effect, this idea needs development. How do we make sure students are honoring this commitment? Is there certain required spirit wear? What is the ultimate goal of this program? The Vanguard directs these questions to any students interested in bringing life to this program in conjunction with the Athletic Department.

So, calling all olympic fans, no need to wait two more years a flourish of athletic excitement—bring your your spirit to BB&N at home. #ROLLKNIGHTS

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