Turkey Day traditions

Charlotte Gifford ’19 eats spaghetti the day before Thanksgiving, a tradition that has been in her family since her dad was a kid.

Rose Lober ’19 has a family football game on Thanksgiving.

Ella Mallinger ’19 fries a turkey and watches an Oscar-nominated movie.

Max McKay ’19 always gets to eat the first turkey leg.

Trevor Donovan ’18 runs in the 4-mile Gobble Gobble Gobble race every Thanksgiving morning in Davis Square.

Bobby Tearney ’18 plays in a Black Friday and Thanksgiving family basketball tournament—the Tearneys versus the Puttermans on his mom’s side.

Daniel Gross-Loh ’21 sits through a 10-hour drive to his grandparents’ house.

Consi Faling ’18 eats her mom’s banana bread for breakfast and watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with her family.


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