Teachers on how they met “the one”

I first met my husband online, and after exchanging a few emails, we realized that we had a number of mutual friends. We decided to meet up at the Sinclair in Harvard Square. We had an immediate connection. After that, we continued to hang out and grow closer. On our fourth date we spent an entire day together riding our bikes around Cambridge and then hosting a garden party at his place. On this day, I knew he was the man for me, and we had our first kiss. We have been together ever since.

—Art Teacher Lanie Wurzel


I met my wife as we were both dangling off an ice cliff located in the northern reaches of Scandinavia. What a hilarious coincidence! We both slipped on the same outcropping, both had neglected to belay in, and both had forgotten to pack ice picks. Oh, Fate, you wily sprite! We chatted about the poetry of Gerard Manley Hopkins as we waited two days for the rescue chopper to arrive. I learned that love is a slippery slope to someone’s heart. [or…]

I remember first laying eyes on my wife. It was not so much her beauty that first captivated my heart as it was the fear that the escaped tiger would spot us cowering amid the languid vines and dozing vampire bats of the Indian subcontinent—where we had been volunteering with a international consortium to study plate tectonics. Luckily, a nicely timed tremor startled the beast, who ran away as we tumbled into each other’s arms. Love is like that: sometimes a little underground friction is all you need to become even closer.

—English Teacher Wes Williams

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