Teachers’ hopes for 2017

“My hope for 2017 is that we all commit to make a resolution towards our future, one that goes beyond our individual selves. I hope we can pick causes that are important enough to propel us all into taking action inside and outside the BB&N community. Whether about climate change, discrimination, homophobia, women’s rights, inequality, racism—we have choices to make and a responsibility to make our world a better place. So let’s do it together.”

— Science Teacher Karina Baum



“My greatest hope for 2017 is to be a better person, listener, teacher, family member, Samaritan, and inhabitant of this planet. These are all simple things in theory, but frequently difficult to put into practice in an increasingly nuanced and complicated world. On a more mundane level, I’m hoping that the next release in Bob Dylan’s Bootleg Series will be from his 1974 Blood On The Tracks sessions, my absolute favorite period of his that chronicled the dissolution of his marriage and reflected on his own shortcomings. Mr. Rollinson and I are both keeping our fingers crossed!”

— Orchestra Teacher Brian Reasoner

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