Squash battles NE teams and weather

Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity Squash (BVS and GVS) had trained to compete with players from around the country last month at The Head United States High School Team Championships in Connecticut, but they couldn’t compete with the snowstorm that swept over the several-day tournament on its final morning, forcing them to leave early Sunday, February 12.

BVS played at Wesleyan University, losing their first match 4–3 to the University School from Hunting Valley, Ohio, and their second 4–3 to Friends Central from Wynnewood, Pennsylvania. GVS played at Choate Rosemary Hall, beating the Hill School from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, with a score of 6–1 and losing 5–2 to Kingswood Oxford from West Hartford, Connecticut. Both teams’ remaining matches were forfeited.

The teams were placed in divisions based on their players’ individual ranks and their regular season record. This year, BVS competed in the fifth of seven divisions, and GVS competed in the fourth of five divisions. Last year, both teams played in the fourth division, with BVS finishing 15 out of 16 and GVS finishing 7 out of 15. 

BVS was missing two of their players: Shayan Olumi ’18 and Andrew Kellogg- Peeler ’17, who would have played the two and seven spots, respectively. Henry Goddard and Ben Wiegand (both ’20), ranked ninth and 10th, respectively, filled in to complete the squad. Even with the new roster, the team had a positive mindset going into the tournament, BVS Co-Captain Gautam Mitra ’17 said.

“Nationals is always a great experience because it gives us the chance to play other schools that are roughly at our level,” Gautam added. “We usually play ISL schools, some being among the best in the country, so this was a great change of pace.”

Though the snow cancellations were disheartening, GVS player Anna Nicholas ’19 said she felt the tournament was a success.

“I can definitely say that I know my teammates a lot better,” she said. “We didn’t end up where we wanted to be, but we did a lot better than two years ago, so we are happy.”

Both teams reported feeling that their tournament records didn’t reflect their improvement and effort during their time in Connecticut.

“While our matches did not come out as we would have liked on paper,” BVS Co-Captain Max Wiegand ’17 said, “the team showed a tremendous amount of heart and maturity, with every player stepping up to his role as part of a collective and giving it his all.”

During the two remaining weeks in their season, both teams prepared for the New England Interscholastic Squash Championships, where they faced other independent schools from New England. GVS Co-Captain Natalie Madden ’17 came in first among number one players on the ladder.

“I had the first win in BB&N Squash history freshman year, and winning the tournament was a great way to end my BB&N Squash career,” she said. “I wish BB&N Squash many successful seasons to come.”

At the time of this publication, the GVS rank in the tournament was not released. Their season record was 3–9. BVS finished 13 out of 15, with a season record of 1–8.

“At Nationals and New Englands we had a lot of close matches, and we lost the majority of them,” BVS Co-Captain Mason Olmsted ’17 said. “In the future of BB&N Squash, I hope those close matches turn into wins.”

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