Sports assembly: a long-awaited victory

Looking back to the fall sports assembly in late November, The Vanguard applauds the changes in the delivery and content of the speeches and the overall atmosphere of the event. We also have some suggestions for making the winter assembly even more successful.

We liked the video that kicked off the assembly by highlighting impressive plays with footage that allowed the audience to experience the feel of a real game. With the inclusion of team photos, the video was more exciting than a slideshow and effectively began the event on an enthusiastic note.

We also appreciated how most of the speeches offered better junior varsity coverage and how the coaches highlighted overall team character instead of just individual stars. Anecdotes are more interesting and enjoyable to hear than results, which are already reported on the school website and in this paper. To incorporate stand-out stories from each team’s season when coaches aren’t able to share them, perhaps players could also contribute to sports assembly presentations.

Instead of automatically delegating the coach or assistant coach speaker, how about having each team vote on a team representative who could best characterize the season in an authentic and personal way? The speaker could be a captain or a player—or the varsity or sub-varsity coach. This would accommodate situations when a coach prefers not to speak or when a player wants to tell a story that the coach doesn’t know as well. Regardless of the team choice for speaker, coaches would still present cup winners to protect the surprise factor of the awards and, if need be, to introduce themselves to the student body.

We liked how this fall only the cup winners were named, since announcing honorable mentions and All-ISL designations can be lengthy. To grant these other winners the recognition they deserve, a What’s Happening email identifying them could be sent out following the assembly.

Overall, the fall sports assembly celebrated the fall teams in an engaging and comprehensive way, and we hope the winter event will present even more authentic, memorable, and inclusive material.

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