Soccer players launch Greater Goals campaign

The Play For Change club has announced the school’s first ever Greater Goals Campaign, a competition between the Girls’ (GVS) and Boys’ Varsity Soccer (BVS) teams that aims to raise at least $4,000 for the Boston chapter of Soccer Without Borders (SWB).

Play For Change Co-president Mila Camargo Cortes ’18 said former GVS Captain Ali Sloan and Juliet Solit (both ’16) founded the Play For Change club in 2014 as a way to involve the school’s soccer program with SWB, an international non-profit that aims to build a more inclusive world through soccer, according to its website.

In past years, the club has participated in SWB’s annual fundraising events and hosted its own fundraising soccer tournament at the school. This athletic season, however, the club is introducing the school to a pay-per-goal fundraising model that is a variation of SWB’s Greater Goals Campaign.

“We decided to start this campaign because it would be a great way to connect the current BB&N soccer program with a parallel [Soccer Without Borders] program in an underserved community in Boston,” Mila said.

Using PledgeIt, an online platform focused on fundraising through sports, students and their families can either donate a flat dollar amount or pledge to donate a set amount per goal scored by either the girls’ or boys’ soccer teams during the fall sports season.

While the idea of pledging specified dollar amounts per goal originated from SWB, the school’s club added the element of competition between BVS and GVS with the hope that doing so would motivate the community to donate more overall, Yliuz Sierra Marin ’18, Mila’s Play For Change co-president, said.

“We knew that each team would want to raise more than the other,” Yliuz added.

As of October 1, the campaign has raised $1,697  on the girls’ side and $75 on the boys’ side.

This year, the club is also working alongside Positive Tracks, a non-profit organization that encourages youth to engage in physical activity for charitable means. Positive Tracks has promised to double the proceeds raised by Play For Change’s campaign.

GVS Head Coach Graeme Blackman voiced his support for the students’ efforts.

“The Greater Goals Campaign is an initiative that the GVS team has made a staple of the 2017 season,” he said. “We have a great group of student-athletes who felt this program was something the entire community could support while also fostering school spirit.”

Mila said she and the other Play For Change leaders would like to position the school’s future Play For Change leaders to build off of this year’s campaign.

Donation progress can be logged and tracked at and for the boys’ team and girls’ team, respectively.

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