School publications change guards

The Upper School (US) supports over five student-run publications that cover material from news and arts to satire and politics. As leaders of these reads transition into Senior Spring Project, they hand down their responsibilities to underclassmen. What follows are the new rosters for four of these pubications as well as information about their mission and function in the school community.


The Vanguard:

Founded in 1973, The Vanguard is the US’s student-run newspaper. Our mission is to examine and engage the school community by providing news and information about events affecting it and by featuring the diverse range of people and perspectives that comprise it. With over 40 writers on staff, the publication strives for fairness and accuracy in its content. The 15-person editorial board meets twice weekly in the club’s office and publishes eight issues per volume, each about 16 to 20 pages in length. The Vanguard features on-campus and off-campus reporting, sports, arts, current topics, and STEM coverage, and a variety of editorials, opinion columns, and letters to the editor. The newspaper is also available online at vanguard.bbns.org. “We were really lucky to have so many interesting things to report on this year,” outgoing Editor-in-Chief Kat Capossela ’17 said, referring to events like the presidential race, Women’s March, and Super Bowl LI. “I’m excited to see where the new board takes the paper.”


Incoming Editorial Board:

 Editor-in-Chief: Sophia Scanlan ’18

Managing Editor: Rachel Avram ’18

Editorials Editor: Delila Keravuori ’18

Opinions Editor: Jiho Lee ’18 .

Projects Editor: Alia Rizvi ’18

Media Editor: Yliuz Sierra Marin ’18 . 

On-Campus Editor: Laila Shadid ’19

Off-Campus Editor: Benjamin Gross-Loh ’19 . 

Sports Editor: Lauren Yun ’19

Arts Editor: Sam Klein Roche ’19

Features Editor: Talia Belz ’19 

Production Manager: Lucy Goldfarb ’18 . 

Assistant Production Manager: Sam Moscow ’19

Photo Editor: Zoe Ting ’18

Assistant Photo Editor: Leyla Ewald ’19

Staff Artist: Angela Liu ’18

Business Manager: Carly Newell ’18

Website Manager: Thomas Sulikowski ’19

Faculty Advisor: English Teacher Allison Kornet


The Spectator:

First published by Browne and Nichols’ students in 1906, The Spectator aims to showcase literary and artistic works from the US community, outgoing Editor-in-Chief Cassandra Kane ’17 said. The 50- to 60- page magazine comes out three times a year and features prose, poetry, plays, drawings, paintings, mixed media, photography, ceramics, woodworking, and—through QR codes—composition and performance pieces. Over the course of several Wednesday meetings, staff editors review about 60 unnamed submissions for each issue and select roughly a third of them for publication before collaborating with artists on the refinement of their work. After Spring Break, the two new editors-in-chief will manage the magazine’s 50 contributors and 10 core editors. “I will always be in awe of the creativity and talent within the BB&N community,” Cassandra said. “I have full faith that the incoming editors-in-chief will be successful in bettering the magazine.”

Incoming Editorial Board:

Editors-in-Chief: Caroline Donnelly Moran and Angela Liu (both ’18)  . 

Art Editors: Annabel Kiley ’19 and Michelle Tang ’18  .  

Production Editors: Samiha Datta and Lana Tilke (both ’19)  . 

Literary Editors: Zetty Cho, Margaret Hardigg, Cora Wendlandt (all ’18), and Sam Klein Roche ’19  . 

Faculty Advisor: English Teacher Wes Williams


Point of View:


The school’s student-run political opinion magazine, Point of View (POV), prints three issues of around 40 articles per school year. The POV aims to facilitate meaningful political discussion, allow students to express and cultivate their opinions, and create a thought-provoking political opinion magazine, according to its mission statement. This spring, the magazine welcomes its first co-editors-in-chief. On the decision to have two in this role, Outgoing Editor-in-Chief Ari Benkler said, “I felt the publication stood nothing to gain and everything to lose by forcing itself to choose only one of them.” The sections of the magazine include domestic policy, politics, international, and food for thought, a category designed as a catch-all for other topics relating to current events.


Incoming Editorial Board:

Editors-in-Chief: Athena Chu and Elisa Tabor (both ’18)  . 

Assistant Chiefs: Claudia Inglessis, Maggie Foot (both ’18), and Sophie Collins Arroyo ’19  . 

Article Editors: Nilu Cooper ’19, Avik Sarkar, Emory Sabatini, Rachel Markey, Cora Wendlandt (all ’18), Jacob Licht, Ryan Guan, and Julie Peng (all ’17)  . 

Opposing Views Editor: Jeremy Tang ’18  . 

Production: Jeremy Tang and Danny Noenickx (both ’18)  . 

Website Manager: Ryan Guan ’17  . 

Faculty Advisor: English Teacher Rob Leith


The Mouthguard:

Later this month the US’s satirical newspaper, The Mouthguard, will undergo its third annual editorial board shift in leadership since its 2013 start. The paper’s mission is to “spread happiness,” outgoing Editor-in-Chief Lucas Fried ’17 said. The publication releases five issues per year and features articles written by members of the editorial board. In their bimonthly meetings in the Renaissance Hall elevator, the board comes up with headlines for its upcoming issue—a process that Lucas calls “planting the seed”—and editors choose which headline they want to write a corresponding article for. Afterward, they collaboratively edit all of the pieces, and the editor- and deputy editor-in-chief consult with the faculty advisor and the US director for approval.


Incoming Editorial Board:

Editor-in-Chief: TBD . 

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: TBD . 

Headlines Editor: Victor Chu ’18  . Spotlight Editor: Adam Levin ’18  . Gains Editor: Chris Attisani ’18  . 

Faculty Advisor: History Teacher Tom Siegel 



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