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Schedule updates allow students to plan ahead

By Arron Juang

Assistant to the Upper School Director Karen Wyon has begun posting weekly schedules to What’s Happenin’, an email conference which serves as an online bulletin for the school community, in an effort to keep the student body informed of the various events taking place later that week. Released every Monday, the schedules announce all assemblies, holidays, and athletics schedule changes in the coming week.

“BB&N is a very busy place, and we hope that sending out a calendar beforehand might provide a more convenient way for students and faculty to keep track of everything happening around the school,” said Upper School Director Geoffrey Theobald.

Mr. Theobald hopes that by posting a single list of events each week instead of individual emails for each event, it will become much easier for students and faculty to anticipate the near future.

“We aren’t expecting people to be wildly over the moon about a simple schedule posting, but we are hoping that the students will see this as a definite improvement over previous years,” he said. “Now, if a student wants to plan ahead, they’ll know what blocks they can do homework and what blocks will be [assemblies]. And if a certain department is bringing in a speaker, then everyone else will know about it and plan accordingly.”

“It’s a really useful system,” said Adon Wade-Curry ’15. “It took me a while to realize it existed, but since then it’s been really helpful.”

Mr. Theobald, however, added one caveat: users should remember that even after publishing, the schedules may be adjusted throughout the week.

In another change from last year, the kitchen staff has stopped sending weekly menus to What’s Happenin’. However, Director of Dining Services Keith Jones promised that this is only a temporary aberration and that, in the meantime, menus will continue to be posted on the cafeteria doors and walls.

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