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Readers Respond: Electoral College or Not?

“The Electoral College is more effective than the popular vote because if the Electoral College were to be abolished,

campaigning would only be done in the more populated coastal states. Socially, this would perpetuate the anger and

feeling of neglect [that] led to Trump’s populist rise in Middle America.”

—Gabe Levy ’20


“I think the Electoral College does a good job of representing small states, which otherwise candidates would never visit or even try to win over, but I think the popular vote does represent more people. At the end of the day, for a government for the people by the people, it should be the opinion of the

majority that is heard, so I think the president should be chosen by popular vote.”

—Mia Maginn ’19

“I prefer the Electoral College because it gives rights to small states, who otherwise would not be represented accurately in the general election.”

—Trevor Donovan ’18


“The president should be chosen by popular vote because it’s truly what the majority of the country wants. The Electoral College rounds up everyone’s votes, so the only votes that really count are from the swing states.”

—Matthew Galvin ’17


“I totally think we should have a popular vote, but I don’t think we can get a Constitutional amendment through Congress. The only possibility is the National Popular Vote Bill campaign. The Electoral College is disproportionate. I think the U.S. should have a government based on the will of the people.”

—History Teacher Louise Makrauer

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