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Last month Head of School Rebecca Upham announced that the 2017-2018 academic year, her 17th at the school, will be her last. Though the search for her replacement has already begun, community members are still processing the news. The Vanguard asked for initial reactions.

“I think that we are losing a superb school leader in Ms. Upham. I have so appreciated the kind and caring attitude that she has shown towards both students and faculty. She was instrumental in the set-up and continued support of The Family Cooperative Daycare at 46 Belmont Street, and this showed how she is committed to faculty and staff being able to balance both home and professional lives. Personally, Ms. Upham has given me great support with the Global Online Academy program, showing her vision for preparing both faculty and students for 21st-century learning. She will be very missed!” —History Teacher Lizanne Moynihan

“What I’ve noticed most about Ms. Upham in the past four years is her willingness to support students in our big moments, whether academic or extracurricular. Last year, she came to the Red Sox game when Chorale sang the national anthem, and it was awesome to see her sporting both BB&N gear and a Red Sox hat. She’s there to be our cheerleader, and especially at a school like BB&N, it’s wonderful to have somebody who’s cheering for you outside the classroom. I’m sad to see her go, but curious to see what will come next.” —Mary DeVellis ’17


“We came to BB&N in 2001, and Ms. Upham has played a huge part in the educational journey of all our children. Her influence is present across all three campuses, from the extraordinary enhancements to the Lower School curriculum, the transformative Middle School building, and the reach of our high school graduates as they move on to their undergraduate endeavors. We are sad to hear she is moving on, but she leaves the school incredibly well positioned to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead.” —Lucy and Joseph Chung P ’09, ’11, ’14, ’15, ’18, ’19, ’22


“I have been a member of the BB&N Community since 2004 when my daughter was a Beginner. One constant BB&N presence has been Rebecca Upham, whether she’s dressing up as a clown at the annual Circus or presenting at this past MLK Celebration at the Upper School. In recent years, it has been quite the pleasure to serve with her on the BB&N Board of Directors. I will miss her guiding light and constant presence.” —Agnes Bundy Scanlan P ’18

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