Q & A: Hank Hauptmann

Hank Hauptmann is a local photographer and director at the Robert Klein Gallery in Dorchester, Massachusetts. His photographs capture the essence of the Greater Boston area by focusing on the people and scenery of its neighborhoods. A collection of his city-based photographs was on exhibit in the Upper School Gallery from February 7 to March 6.

What made you want to pursue art?

I never set out to make art or actively call myself an artist, but I think everyone should have some kind of creative outlet. For me, there’s still nothing as self-fulfilling as getting a picture that I’m happy with.


Why do you prefer photography over other forms of media?

I like observing and capturing what I see. It’s like my own banal documentary. Also, it’s easier for me to take a picture than it is to paint a painting or sculpt a sculpture.


What compels you to take a photo of something?

I just try to shoot whatever I think is interesting or beautiful or bizarre. A lot of times a good picture is an accident where everything just sort of fell into place.


When and where do you take photos?

Anytime, anywhere. I always have a camera on me.


What are some challenges you’ve faced while making art, and how have you overcome them?

The biggest challenge was overcoming my fear of photographing strangers. This quickly dissipated when I realized that most people really don’t care.


What is your best advice for a student who is interested in pursuing art?

Don’t expect to make a career from it, but do it because you love it. That should be the only reason.

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