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A Benchwarmer’s Perspective: Presidential promises

By Sarah Jolley ’13 and Nate McLeod ’13

The glitter has been thrown and the aggressive posters torn down. Augie Briger is still blushing; Alec Gustafson has started to work on next year’s posters; Ben Rosenblatt is humiliated; Ryan Chen is as good-looking and stylish as ever; Anna Espinola hasn’t figured out yet that Sarah Jolley rigged the voting; and Thomas Hislop still believes sailing is a real sport (almost as real as crew). Sarah has beaten Alex Sternlicht (co-president 2011-12) at tennis, and Nate McLeod has defeated Rhett Wiseman (co-president 2011-12) in an arm wrestling competition (citation needed). The elections are over, but the reign of Sarah and Nate has just begun.

We are committed to following through with our convictions and serving you, the BB&N Community, as best we can. We have already begun talking to Student Council, Mr. Morton, Mr. Theobald, Chef Keith Jones, last year’s school presidents, and each other to ensure that we are planning ahead for an amazing year. It will be filled with school spirit, good times, good eats, and fewer Augie jokes (starting now). We have already begun to formulate our ideas:

Reorganizing Leadership Roles: Student Council? Senior Prefects? Class Presidents? Vice Presidents? What does each title really mean? Next year, we plan to continue the discussions in Student Council about the job descriptions of these positions. By the end of next year, we intend to have a clear and organized list of all major leadership positions at BB&N with an outline of each position’s role and responsibilities. This should result in more efficiency in student government.

Transparency Between Student Council and Students: Next year we plan to hold Open Forums and utilize the Student Council website more in order to increase communication and collaboration between Student Council and the student body. Student Council will hold Open Forums throughout next year to gather information about the concerns and priorities of the student body.  We will also start updating the student council website more frequently and making it a bigger deal (think big).

Color War: You requested it: a yearlong Color War to boost school spirit and cohesion among all grades. Beginning with the Knighting Ceremony when the freshmen come back from Bivouac, we will knight the freshmen and sort them into different teams. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will also be assigned to “color teams” that will compete against each other throughout the year. During morning assemblies and X-blocks, students will compete in events like talent shows and powderpuff football games to earn points for their team. At the end of the year, we will count the points and award prizes, ending with a tighter-knit community.

Homecoming: During Homecoming our freshman year (in the fall of 2009), sweat was dripping from the ceiling because it was so well attended. At Homecoming this past fall, by 9:00, the Community Room was empty except for two giant Teletubbies. Next year we’re going to make it rain again—hopefully in the form of neon paint. Go big or go home, right?

Sports Games: Surfing on a foot-long wave does not seem very fun and neither does a foot-long crowd-wave at a poorly attended sporting event. Instead, imagine blue-and-gold-designated areas in parking lots with speakers, rootbeer kegs, cookouts, and other tailgating extravaganzas to show support for BB&N teams and encourage school spirit.

Food: If you have ever witnessed one of Hank Winton’s lunchtime rants or his stomping off to the Breakfast Club or Ma Magoo’s, then, like us, you know that school food is a major concern among the student body. Student Council has already conducted surveys to gather information on favorite and least favorite meals, and we plan to continue this effort to help Chef Jones help you. Additionally, we think food should be available throughout the day. We will advocate for breakfast to be left out until lunch and the Midknight Snackbar to open after lunch.

Senior Center Renovation: That awkward, dark corner in the Renaissance Hall known as the “Senior Center” usually appears vacant except for rare heathen worship of the creepy vampire posters. We are working to renovate the Senior Center into a relaxed coffee house environment with cozy couches, board games, and newspapers or magazines. It will be a fun place for all students to relax and chill with friends outside of the library and Commons.

Clocks: Last, but not least, we aim to synchronize all the clocks in the school. We think the entire school should be in the same time zone: it is an easy first step to a more unified community.

We are excited to plan spirited events like Color Wars, Homecoming, and the Knighting Ceremony and to increase collaboration between student government and the student body to remind ourselves that being a Knight is something to be proud of.

Photo: Sarah Jolley and Nate McLeod (both ’13) will preside over Student Council next year. Photo by Elaine Forbush ’13.

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