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Pats’ win mobilizes school

Despite the Atlanta Falcons’ discouraging 25-point lead midway through the third quarter, Charlie said he remained hopeful throughout the game.

“At halftime I was certainly not happy, which made it very hard to enjoy the halftime show,” Charlie said, referring to Lady Gaga’s performance. “But, in the back of my mind, there was always the possibility  that they could win, so I tried to be as optimistic as possible.”

Charlie said his faith wavered only once and very slightly halfway through the third quarter of the game.

Varsity Football Head Coach Mike Willey said he was a little more distraught by the Patriots’ deficit in the beginning of the game and admitted to seeing the game as an “uphill battle” for the Patriots. He watched the Super Bowl at home with his three sons, who stayed up for just half of the game.

“At halftime, I put the boys to bed and told them that the Patriots were going to lose,” he said. “They were not happy about it.”

By the end of the game, Coach Willey said he was amazed. Seeing the Patriots ultimately come out on top because of all the hard work that had gotten them to that point made him happy for them and for BB&N, he said.

“Community events—and wins—like these really emphasize the similarities of everyone at the school,” he explained. “That’s what’s so great about having sports be a part of our school: in the end, the competition, working hard for a common goal, and being part of a team all expand our unity.”

Home from the game, Charlie agreed.

“The school rallied around this win more so than I’ve ever seen in any sort of sports game, even throughout the week after the game, which was really great,” Charlie said.

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