New coach leads Girls Varsity Lacrosse, brings fresh outlook

By Sophie Attie

Girls Varsity Lacrosse has introduced new head coach, Bowen Holden, to the team this spring. Holden, a former Georgetown and Boston College lacrosse coach, has played the sport for over 20 years and coached college teams for 11 years. She has replaced former coach Carol-Ann Loftus, who will remain at BB&N as an athletics coordinator. Casey Turner and Kayleigh Melia ’08 will continue to coach at the junior varsity level.

In her years of experience, Coach Holden has trained many successful college players, including Duke University lacrosse star Sarah Bullard ’07, whom she will continue to coach for the world cup this July in Oshawa, Canada. The new coach said she is especially excited to bring fresh skills to the current school team, from whom, she added, she expects a lot.

“Philosophy and simplicity are the two main things that teams need to be disciplined,” Coach Holden said. “I expect my athletes to be able to think for themselves and represent their team and school with pride.”

Beyond her passion for the sport, Coach Holden added that BB&N’s reputation attracted her to the job.

“It’s good to continue to coach and be involved in the sport,” she said. “To have an impact on women and be around my family here is nice, especially since I know BB&N is a good school.”

Assistant Coach Kindyll Dorsey, who worked with Girls Junior Varsity Lacrosse last year, will help Coach Holden lead this year’s varsity team, which includes four returning seniors, four returning juniors, and one returning sophomore.

With the new coaching staff, Co-Captain Carly Hayden ’13 said she is eager to start some new traditions this year.

“It’s a transition year, so there’s going to be a lot of new things,” Carly said. “[We’re looking forward to having] new girls, new coaches, and even a new spring break trip [to Washington, D.C.].”

Co-Captain Victoria Moore ’13, who has been playing on the same team as Carly since seventh grade, also said she is excited to see new developments. She added that Coach Holden will bring new spirit and perspective to the team, which will help as they prepare to face several tough rivals this spring—especially Nobles, which the team has not defeated since 2011.

“It’s sad not to see [Coach Loftus] coaching us, but it’s exciting to have a new coach going into this season,” Victoria added. “Carly and I are there to keep spirits good and to keep everything positive and focused. It’ll be good to have new techniques from the coach. It’ll definitely be weird for the first week or month or so, but by the end we will bond and get along.”

Ally Gillis ’15, another returning player, agreed.

“Coach Holden seemed very on top of things. She handed out an expectations list and a schedule for the upcoming month of tryouts,” Ally said. “I believe she is a very talented and experienced coach [who] will lead us to a successful season.”

Coach Holden said she had similar plans.

“I’m excited about athleticism,” Coach Holden said. “I’m looking forward to working with great athletes, and I have a goal to have winning season.”

Photo: Bowen Holden brings 11 years of collegiate coaching experience to BB&N. Courtesy

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