Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I’d like to make two minor corrections to two excellent articles in your March issue. 

First, in describing the administration’s controversial decision to prohibit superlatives from this year’s and all future editions of the Yearbook, the writer refers to The Vanguard’s “superlatives.” A superlative is a statement about the highest degree, as in the article’s examples, “Most Athletic” or “Most Academic.” The Vanguard makes no such declarations, and the “Most Likely To”s, which are descriptive epithets, often humorous, published in each year’s graduation issue, should be referred to as such.

The “Most Likely To”s first appeared in The Vanguard during the mid-eighties, when they were a feature borrowed from The Nobleman, which brings me to my next quibble. The Nobleman is the student newspaper of Noble and Greenough School, not Nobles and Greenough, as it was called in the article on the latest tuition rise. The mistake is a natural one, since for some strange reason the school is commonly abbreviated as “Nobles,” with no apostrophe. Four Nobles graduates teach at the Upper School, so it is important to get such details right.  


English Teacher Rob Leith

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