Know Your Knights | Things You didn’t know about Aimée Seppenwolde ’21

The week before exams, I sat down with sophomore Aimée (pronounced “Eh-may”) Seppenwolde to talk to her about navigating BB&N as she prepared to leave the United States to play hockey abroad over break. 

Aimée started BB&N as a freshman last year and has really inserted herself into the athletic culture here at school. “I tried to sign up for a bunch of clubs last year, but because I play three different sports, I kind of had trouble actually showing up,” Aimée admits, laughing among the noise of the Commons. Playing three varsity sports—field hockey, ice hockey, and lacrosse—is achievement enough, especially as a new freshman!

Aimée has been playing field hockey for just a year with our school team, coached by Upper School Science Teacher Melissa Courtemanche, who is coincidentally Aimée’s favorite teacher. “I knew her as a coach first, which makes me more comfortable in class. She always has energy even when we don’t, and it makes class kind of fun,” Aimée says. Aimée didn’t know the rules and hadn’t even picked up a stick before tryouts, but she says the coaches took a chance on her by placing her on varsity as a freshman newbie. “When I was starting out, I was horrible. Now I’m not that bad. Hopefully next year, I can make it to ‘OK’!” Aimée jokes.

Aimée has plenty of experience with lacrosse, as she took up the sport when she was just 6. Aimée then played with Mass Elite, a club lacrosse team, but had to stop in order to focus on school and her other sports. “It’s second nature for me to play lacrosse just because I’ve been doing it for so long,” Aimée says of her favorite stress reliever.  

Aimée’s love of ice hockey literally transcends national borders. Aimée met the Dutch National Hockey Team by surprise over spring break in 2018. A Dutch citizen, she had planned to spend the break with family in Holland, but, unbeknownst to Aimée, her dad had emailed the Dutch U-18 hockey team coach to ask if she could try out for the national team. “I was actually kind of upset with him at first because he didn’t ask me if I wanted to be on the team,” Aimée says. “I didn’t even know I was going to be playing over break until my mom told me I needed to bring my hockey stuff on our flight over.” Once in Holland, Aimée practiced with two club teams as part of her tryout period. “I was pretty nervous because I had never met the girls before, but once I got on the ice, all my nerves just went away,” she says. Ultimately, Aimée was invited to play for Holland’s U-18 team in Scotland from December 31 to January 13 over break.

As for her hockey career back home, “I told Coach [Edward Bourget] first, and he was just really happy for me, which made me feel like I can totally do this,” Aimée says. Back on campus, Aimée thinks the girls’ hockey team is looking pretty good despite graduating seven seniors last year. With two eighth graders, seven freshmen, and two new sophomores on the team, the girls’ hockey program is for sure up-and-coming. 

If you see Aimée back in the halls from Scotland, congratulate her on her international hockey career! Catch her on the ice this winter—or on the turf for lacrosse or field hockey in the spring and fall!


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