Knights unite over diversity initiatives

Despite mixed feedback from students and faculty alike, The Vanguard thanks the facilitators and organizers of Community Day for the time, hard work, and commitment that went into reintroducing this necessary day to the curriculum. Educating one another about our differences is important work—we all learn the same dates in U.S. History and theorems in calculus, but when have we had the time to sit down with one another and talk with a common language about race, class, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity?

The answer —for we students, at least—is “never.” And the immersion model for the day, which used our typical Tuesday schedule’s eight-hour allotment to its full potential, was invaluable. Students could learn from one another through anything from personal anecdotes to broad questions. All that we needed were open minds.

The Vanguard would also like to laud the bold faculty and students who addressed difficult topics and shared personal stories during the recent Community Building Assembly (CBA) on January 14. Thanks to Katie Massie ’16 for her rousing recognition of multiple intelligences, to Mr. Orlando for his sincere call for kinder interaction, and to Mr. Rollinson for his fresh we-are-all-cousins-so-let’s-be-nice speech. Each was moving, informative, and necessary for all to hear. The speakers set a good precedent for the next CBA on April 11, which has already drummed up interest among aspiring student speakers.

Both of these initiatives allowed us space and time to delve into our differences and share perspectives on the community at large. In order to turn them into successes, we need to continue the conversation with our friends and classmates.

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