Knights turn out for Patriots

Upper School (US) community members rallied in triumph at the New England Patriots record-breaking Super Bowl win against the Atlanta Falcons, with students recording their reactions on Snapchat and taking to the Boston streets to celebrate with other fans, on February 5.

On Monday, the US celebrated by serving ice cream in the Commons for all community members, and seniors took the following day off to join hundreds of thousands of Patriots fans for the Super Bowl Parade in Boston.

To share in celebration of their victory, the team travelled via Duck Boats from Boylston Street at 11 a.m. and arrived at City Hall by around 2 p.m. Despite wet and cold weather, the event attracted the largest-ever turnout in a Super Bowl championship parade, with many BB&N students among them.

Olivia Friend ’18, who attended the event with five classmates, said she enjoyed the experience and was excited to see the players go by amidst crowd whistles and cheers.

“Although I’m not a huge football fan, I’m a Patriots fan and definitely a Tom Brady fan, so it was really cool to see them all in person,” she said.

The Patriots broke 24 National Football League (NFL) records and tied seven more in Super Bowl LI, the first-ever championship overtime game, which ended with a score of 34–28 and the Pats as five-time Super Bowl victors. The game went down in history for the Pats’ 31-point comeback—the largest during a championship—and quarterback Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick logged the most Super Bowl games ever played: seven.

Charlie Ablon ’17 attended the historic game in Houston, Texas, along with his dad and over 70,000 other football fanatics. In the game’s first quarter, over 111 million viewers saw the father-son duo when the camera zoomed in on them cheering.

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