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Knighting Ceremony launches Color Wars, promotes school spirit

By Cindy Yang

Decked out in white, black, blue, and gold, students cheered and stomped during a Friday X block assembly that officially ushered freshmen into the BB&N community. Following this second annual knighting ceremony, during which seniors funneled freshmen through a “human tunnel,” Student Council Co-Presidents Sarah Jolley and Nate McLeod (both ’13) introduced a new tradition: Color Wars, an effort to promote school bonding and team spirit.

Prior to the September 21 assembly, which kicked off the Wars, sophomores, juniors, and seniors were sorted into different teams, each led by two seniors. At the knighting ceremony, team members sporting their designated colors sat in groups and shouted over blaring music, welcoming the newly arriving freshmen.

Ninth Grade Dean David Strodel described the assembly as a great event, adding that this “Harry Potter twist” was an exciting and clever idea.

After the freshmen had been sorted into their official color groups for the remainder of high school, the ceremony moved to a BB&N trivia competition among four seniors from different teams. Each student had to answer questions related to the school to win points for his/her team—and a wrong answer meant a bucketful of paint over the head.

“We originally were going to hold a game of tug-of-war, but we decided to hold the trivia game instead, and I think it worked out pretty well,” Sarah said.
Although the school has attempted to organize similar activities in the past, lack of interest and spirit have generally discouraged such efforts, according to Sarah and Nate. Both Co-Presidents said that they look forward to hyping up the entire school this year, though.

Photo: Hank Winton ’13 represents Team Gold in a trivia competition during the Knighting Ceremony on September 21. By Thomas Karol.

Sarah added, “A lot of people go to summer camp where they have color wars, and people love it, so we thought we should bring that here.”

Color Wars will culminate with one team winning a yet-to-be-determined grand prize in June after a school year filled with various point-rewarding activities. Attendance at sport events, for example—such as the Belmont Hill football game that BB&N won on September 22—is one of many ways that allow individual teams to rack up points. At an X block assembly on September 19, a cake-walk, a game of musical chairs where the winner of each round is awarded a cake and the chance to compete in the final round for their team, landed the gold and black teams ten points each. To encourage a wider involvement, Nate said that he hopes to hold talent shows, too.

“We want everyone to get involved somehow. We want people to showcase different talents in all areas,” he said. Future school events include the Homecoming game and dance in October, school-wide games of dodge ball and capture the flag, and an activity that will coordinate with the Arts Bash later this year.

“For the Homecoming dance, we’re having teams make videos that involve paint, like the one that we showed at the knighting ceremony,” Sarah said.

Featured photo: The senior class created a human tunnel for the soon-to-be-knighted freshmen. By Thomas Karol.

Both presidents said that they look forward to holding future events and seeing more enthusiasm and spirit from the student body. “Eventually, we want to involve the teachers because it’ll be great to see their participation, too. They’re part of our community, and it’ll add to the general excitement,” said Nate.

According to Sarah, Student Council is still voting on decisions regarding events and rules for Color Wars. “Because it’s the first year, we’re still trying new things out,” she said.

Nate added, “The main purpose for Color Wars is just to have fun and for the community to bond on a more personal level.”

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