Keep your friends close and your alumni closer

Let’s all shed a collective tear because the seniors are leaving…but hopefully not for good. Seniors, as you move beyond high school, don’t forget us here at 80 Gerry’s Landing! Don’t forget your old clubs, your beloved teams, your inside jokes with underclassmen, or your time imparting wisdom to your younger peers. As you venture beyond our school, please stop by and visit us—we want to see you, learn where you have been, and hear what you have done.
In a couple of years, if you have begun serious follow-up of something you learned here, deepened your expertise in a sport or activity you once practiced here, or developed and applied leadership skills you first undertook here, come back and talk to us about it! Having obtained new experiences in the world outside of BB&N, you can provide us with mentorship, inspiration, and examples of how we can elevate our high school interests to the next level after graduation.
Take Lindsay Ellis ’11, for example. The former Vanguard editor-in-chief took on the same role at The Dartmouth and offered to give advice to editors of this paper on news writing and the transition from a high school publication to a college daily. Or look at Jaya Aiyer ’15—one of the original Community Day planners and now an organizer for New York University’s Center for Multicultural Education—who spoke at the Community Day after her graduation and offered to help current students improve the event. Ryan Simpson ’13, a senior at Yale, recently spoke with science classes about a method of water filtration he devised in college after designing a simpler version during his Senior Spring Project.
These alumni, among others, motivate us to learn as much as we can in high school for the purpose of real-life application—in the process encouraging our recognition that high school ideas can translate into meaningful action beyond senior year.
Graduates, we are curious and eager to hear about your future progress in pursuits you may have begun on campus. Before we, too, leave high school, we welcome your firsthand advice about how to improve and make the most of our current school endeavors, and we welcome your guidance on how to ramp up these interests further. So please stay in touch!


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