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Homecoming overhaul hopes to raise spirit

By Tarika Narain

Homecoming this year will be the product of unprecedented collaboration between various members of the BB&N community—students, parents, faculty, and alumni/ae.

Spearheaded by Student Council as well as Homecoming Event Producer Kate O’Kelly Doyle P’10, 13, who also launched BB&N’s One School One World tradition, the Homecoming Committee has met frequently since last spring to organize a schedule full of events. Their main goal, according to Mrs. O’Kelly Doyle, is to transform the traditionally, poorly attended games and dance into an event that will build the community and boost school spirit.

Homecoming has been extended to last through more of the week, beginning with the Spirit Week kick-off on Wednesday, October 10. The following Friday features a Pep Rally, a food and music fest accompanied by the national anthem and the first annual All-Teams Dinner in the Athletic Center that evening.

“The Student Homecoming Committee is putting together music to play, and there will be free food for all students and teachers in April’s Garden,” Mrs. O’Kelly Doyle said. In addition, the school has hired several food trucks from Boston Events Specialists to cater the event.

Homecoming Day—Saturday, October 13—will begin, as usual, with a variety of matches for students to attend. However, the committee has added a few details to revamp the matches and encourage better attendance: field decorations, a moon bounce, bleachers for the football game, and an alumni/ae tent. According to Mrs. O’Kelly Doyle, this tent will include freebies and face painting for both alumni/ae and their children.

“One of the main goals of this year’s Homecoming is to get everyone involved,” added Assistant Head of School for External Affairs Woodie Haskins. “We’re getting all three campuses to participate, and we’re convinced alumni/ae from the Greater Boston area will come back to see BB&N in action.”

Homecoming will culminate in a dance on Saturday night, also revamped: instead of taking place in the usual Community Room, this year’s dance will be held in the gym.
Besides changing locations, the Homecoming Committee has developed three methods to improve this year’s dance attendance, which, Student Body Co-President Nate McLeod ’13 emphasized, has been sparse in the past. The initiatives include lowering ticket prices, ensuring that underclassmen know that they are invited, and getting creative with the theme: “Paint. That is all.”

Student Council, hoping to entice younger students to attend, has ordered 20 gallons of the messy stuff to gear up for Homecoming’s “paint dance,” one of many Color Wars events.

“[Homecoming] has been a ton of work and planning, but we want to leave our mark on this school and do so in a way that allows everyone to just have fun,” Nate said.

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