Great Deals after great meals: Members of the editorial board share experiences from past Black Fridays.

Thanksgiving always takes place at my grandparents’ house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with my mom’s side of the family. I love visiting my grandparents, but Lancaster is a small, Amish town with not much going on—except for one day of the year, when its outlet mall transforms the rural county into the place to be on Black Friday. I go shopping with my endlessly patient mom, ceaselessly complaining younger brother, fashion-clad aunt from New York, and coupon-savvy grandmother who knows all the store managers too well. Every year, exhausted after spending far too many hours at the Nike store, we head home. Although for many people Black Friday is about the discounts and shopping, for me it is about the time spent with my family, even if it’s in the outlet mall of Lancaster.

—Assistant Photo Editor Leyla Ewald ’19


After our Thanksgiving meal two years ago, my cousins, sister, and I went right to sleep around 9 p.m. At midnight we woke up and drove to Target in the hopes of buying discounted iPhone 6S’s. Much to our disappointment, all iPhones were sold out by the time we arrived 45 minutes later. Instead, we came home with a surplus of fuzzy socks. The socks were comfortable, but new phones would have been even better.

—Production Manager Lucy Goldfarb ’18


My aunt loves Black Friday shopping more than Thanksgiving. Every year she is very serious about going to the stores right after we eat our Thanksgiving dinner, and two years ago, she actually stood up from the table around 5:15, got in her car, and drove away to the Natick Mall.

—Sports Editor Lauren Yun ’19


My mom, aunts, cousins, and I have gone Black Friday shopping at the Natick Mall for as long as I can remember. The stores we visit vary by year, but we always tend to hit the “Buy Three, Get Three Free” deal at Bath & Body Works or the 50 percent storewide discount at J. Crew. While we do like the shopping, our real favorite Black Friday tradition is leftover red velvet cake for breakfast. My mom makes the dessert homemade for Thanksgiving every year, and at around 8:00 a.m. on Black Friday, we always rush down the steps, microwave a piece, get a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and gobble the whole thing down. Then we do that all over again after we shop! It’s not the healthiest day for us, but it’s one of the most delicious!

—Editor-in-Chief Sophia Scanlan ’18


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