Gospelfest blends voices

By Tora Clark

Roughly 30 voices of BB&N’s chorale joined those of seven other local private schools to raise the rafters during Brimmer and May’s 12th annual “Rejoice! Gospelfest” on April 6.

The event began with workshops led by the musical directors of Brooks, Dana Hall, and Belmont Hill, where students were taught the three different parts of the gospel that they would eventually perform together.

According to Chorale Director Joe Horning, the workshops provided a valuable learning opportunity for his students.

“The workshop leaders at Gospelfest are absolutely steeped in gospel music,” he said. “They are people who sing gospel music almost every day and at churches on weekends.”

The event culminated in a concert featuring performances by the mass choir and the individual school groups, including BB&N’s chorale with “Praise His Holy Name,” by Keith Hampton, and “Good News,” an African American spiritual.

“The pieces that we performed went well,” said Mr. Horning. “We’d already performed ‘Good News’ during the Winter Concert and the Martin Luther King Day brunch, so we were pretty prepared.”

Singer Eva Murray ’13 said the concert united students in a positive and uplifting environment.

“Gospel music is universal, and it has the power to bring people together to celebrate life in a way that is truly unique and breathtaking,” she said.

Mr. Horning said this sentiment resonated among all of his attending singers.

“It was a lot of fun for the students to have a collaborative concert with other schools, and the audience was standing, clapping, and smiling through almost every piece,” he said.

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