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Glow up and get down! Students come together at long-awaited homecoming dance

Roughly 350 students flooded the Nicholas Athletic Center gym at 7:00 p.m. after four games on Saturday, September 29, for the first homecoming dance in two years.

Student Body Co-Presidents Aurash Vatan and Ally Roloff (both ’19) had been planning the event in conjunction with the Student Council since April, when Dean of Students Rory Morton ’81 approved the proposal for the dance. 

Aurash said events like the dance are important to unite the student body.

“There are only a few opportunities every year for all four grades to be participating in something together,” Aurash said. “It’s a really valuable thing.” 

Student organizers estimated the costs for the DJ and other expenses for the event before deciding on a ticket price of $10 in advance or $12 at the door, Student Council Faculty Advisor Peggy Payne said. Tickets were the only source of revenue to cover the costs of the event.

The Student Council decorated the gym with multicolored lights and balloons for the three-hour dance they dubbed “Glo-Co.” Upper School students from all grades showed up wearing white or neon attire, and glow sticks were distributed at the entrance. 

Kimia Monzavi ’21 said she thought the Student Council and school co-presidents did a great job with the theme. 

“Everyone was very into it,” she said. “Almost everyone was wearing all white or neon. I like how it was a casual theme. It made the dance more fun because we didn’t have to worry about buying new dresses.”

Aanika Patel ’21 said she appreciated being able to dance with people from other grades.

“I don’t think this type of interaction would happen often outside of the context of the dance,” she added.

Gillian Goddard ’22 said she wished for other diversions to enjoy besides dancing. 

“At the Middle School Mix and other dances I’ve gone to, there have been fun activities outside of the dance floor, such as ping pong, foosball, and other fun games and things to do,” Gillian said. 

Student Council member Sam Bernstein ’21 said that feedback from this year’s homecoming dance will help students plan for similar future events.

“It exposed what worked well and what could be improved upon,” she said. “I see a lot of potential in the future for a dance that encompasses everything we are looking for as teenagers  and as members of the BB&N community.” 

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