On Campus

Future Freshmen

What are you looking forward to about the Upper School?

High school hockey —CJ Beals ’22

Trips with the language department to foreign countries —Helen Cobert ’22


What are you looking forward to about Biv?

Using survival methods —Helen Cobert ’22

Making a tent —Meredith McDermott ’22


What would you want to bring to Biv?

My puppy so I can set him loose on random people at night —Hillary Galle ’22

Hairspray; it’s highly flammable —Zoe Dodge ’22

A positive attitude —David Min ’22


What about high school makes you nervous?

Having to see my older brother in the hallways —Sophie Li ’22

Grades, because now they can affect my future —Anika Desai ’22


What is the first club you plan on joining?

Robotics club so I can ditch sports —Sam Krem ’22

Asian Cultural Society, because I’m Asian and this world is too cruel to be a lonely Asian —Zoey Liu ’22


If you were to start a new club, what would it be?

Fortnite club —Sam Krem ’22

Dodgeball and kickball club —CJ Beals ’22

Sports analytics club —Jackson Rorick ’22


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