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[WEB EXCLUSIVE] From the Co-Presidents: “the fun has just begun”

By Nate McLeod and Sarah Jolley

Well. It’s all over. We’ve seen the magic happen. We’ve seen Gabby Douglas clinch the gold all-around medal, Michael Phelps threepeat greatness, hometown girl Aly Raisman win three medals for the old U. S. of A., Ryan Lochte…look really good in grills?

The Olympics are over, the summer sun is setting, tans are peeling, and our promises to keep in touch with summer and camp friends now just seem ridiculous. It is time to figure out this whole Google thing, train for your respective sports, try out for your dream part, cram a couple notebooks in your backpack, arrange your back-to-school outfit, and settle into the school year.

Summer is over, but the fun has just begun.

Our first recommendation is to appreciate what’s new! Take some time to acquaint yourself with the changes that have been made in your absence.

First, there are over 150 new students. Take the time to introduce yourself to the freshmen and new upperclassmen. As wonderful and welcoming as the BB&N community is, we all know how unnerving the transition to high school is and how it feels to be new. Introduce yourself to someone standing alone, risk making a fool of yourself, make someone’s day. Something as simple as a conversation or smile can make a bigger difference than you think.

Secondly, there are new faculty members in our midst! As much as we will miss the BB&N legends who left in June, don’t forget to welcome the new teachers.

Finally, new food! The MidKnight Snackbar is history, but in its place are two vending machines chock-full of your favorite (healthy) snacks. As we’ve learned from all those sci-fi summer reading books and movies, replacing humans with robots is a good thing…

Embrace the fact that this is a completely new year with endless possibilities, depending on what you make of the new opportunities. To our fellow seniors, this is the year to make a lasting impression on the BB&N community and to really shine. To everyone else, this is one more year to work on your resolutions to get better grades, make that team, join that club, or have more fun.

Speaking of fun, we want to introduce new school spirit. Your loyal Co-Presidents have been diligently meeting this summer by ourselves and with authoritative faculty to plan and devise the most fun, most spirited school year to date.

Look forward to a yearlong Color War in which four teams composed of all four grades will compete to best each other in a series of competitions. Most important of these include contests of school spirit. Your team will be awarded points every time you attend a school event, such as a game, performance, concert, dance, or party. You will also be awarded points according to your level of enthusiasm and attire during spirit weeks. However, if you are caught leaving your plate in the Commons or bullying a freshman: TEN POINTS FROM GRYFFINDOR!

Our main goal is for you to be amped for BB&N events, and to do so, we are trying to make them as fun as possible. Get ready for Homecoming against Milton on October 13! Chug that Redbull, and don your blue and gold for an all-day event that will culminate in the best dance ever… one that will last past 9:00.

We are ready, and you better be, too. Get excited to make the most out of this year because, trust us, these years go by way too fast.

Photo: Co-Presidents Sarah Jolley and Nate McLeod (both ’13) will preside over Student Council this year. By Elaine Forbush.

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