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Faculty and staff head for new horizons

Ms. Dobson & Mr. Warren

Next year, Photography Teacher Parrish Dobson will leave most of her courses to Film and Video Teacher Andrew Warren when she lightens her teaching load to instruct only the Honors Seminar in Photography.
Ms. Dobson has worked at the school for 32 years, but earlier this year she approached Upper School (US) Director Geoff Theobald and Head of School Rebecca Upham to propose teaching only the seminar and organizing the Petropoulos Art Scholars program.
“I’m feeling ready to cut back on teaching to work on my own artwork and see in what other ways I could be of service to the world,” she said.
Ms. Dobson said she is eager to remain connected to the school for another year, but she will miss the students when she wholly retires in 2018.
“It’s fabulous teaching art to bright, motivated, talented young people. The kids who get fully engaged bring a freshness, enthusiasm, and inventiveness to their work that I’ve learned a lot from,” she said.
In Ms. Dobson’s place, Mr. Warren will teach two or three yearlong photography courses and two half-year freshman courses, depending on enrollment. He said he is excited to begin teaching more photo classes because he considers himself more of a photographer than a filmmaker.
“Photography is a natural fit for me, and the huge majority of my teaching [experience] is in photography,” he said. “The photo studio here is a great space, and I’m glad to be taking on the mantle.”


Ms. Segale

After 21 years of overseeing the school’s accounting, Jane Segale will leave her position  this summer to take on the role of controller chief financial officer at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts in her hometown of Natick. After 21 years of overseeing the school’s accounting, Jane Segale will leave her position  this summer to take on the role of controller chief financial officer at the Walnut Hill School for the Arts in her hometown of Natick. Here at the school, Ms. Segale has acted as the main point of contact in the business office for anyone with questions regarding budgets and expenses. “I am responsible for all aspects of accounting, from the budget creation process through financial reporting,” she said. “I oversee the annual audit and production of our financial statements. Basically, I count the beans.”In her new job, Ms. Segale will be responsible for all financial aspects of the school, and she will work on strategic planning. “I am excited to be going to the Walnut Hill School as it will present new challenges and opportunities to grow,” she said.She added that she is grateful for her dedicated colleagues, saying that their contributions are integral to the school’s operations.             “I will miss the people I’ve worked with at BB&N over the years the most. No matter where you go at BB&N, you can always count on lively conversations on a wide range of topics, and the Business Office is no exception,” she said.


Ms. Walker

After teaching Global History I and II, U.S. History, and the Senior Honors Research Seminar, History Teacher Susannah Walker will return to her hometown of Toronto, Canada, this summer to pursue a career in Library and Information Science.
Ms. Walker said she decided to move back to Toronto about a year ago so that she could live closer to her parents. Although Ms. Walker said she originally wanted to teach at another prep school, she did not want to complete the two years of full-time graduate school to earn an Ontario Teacher Certification, which most private schools there require.
“I decided instead to try something related to, but different from, my present job and my past career as an academic historian and college professor,” she said. “I’m getting my master’s degree in library and information science at the University of Toronto.”
After the two-year course, Ms. Walker said, she hopes to get a job as an archivist or research librarian, but in the meantime she will intern at the University of Toronto’s Fisher Rare Book Library.
“I’m tremendously excited to be moving back to my hometown—a fabulous, incredibly diverse, amazing city,” she said. “[But] I will miss the energy and fun of working in a place full of teenagers. I will also miss my wonderful colleagues—the history faculty are collaborative and supportive and have helped me to grow as a teacher.”



At the Lower School, Louisa Connaughton will shift into the Grade 4 homeroom teaching position departed by Bill Hritz, who will become the Math specialist working with Grades 1 and 2. Deejay Robinson will leave campus to enter a doctoral program in music and music education at Columbia University’s Teachers College. Caitlin Drechsler will sign off as Grade 5 and Grade 6 science educator to move to Vermont with her family. And Technology Integration Mentors Olivia Searcy and Joseph Heitzman will also depart their posts, the latter moving with his family to New Mexico.
The Vanguard would also like to acknowledge former Assistant to the Middle School Director Elaine McGovern, who retired after 16 years in December following a head injury she suffered in the spring of 2016. Before she retired, Ms. McGovern helped find and train Anne Coughlin, the new assistant to the Middle School director.
“I do miss seeing everyone on a daily basis as well as the vibrant atmosphere of the Middle School campus,” Ms. McGovern said.


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