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Coyne replaces Payne as sophomore class dean

By Rachel Strodel

Associate Director of College Counseling Fred Coyne has replaced Math Teacher Peggy Payne as sophomore class dean this fall.

According to Ms. Payne, who will now serve as faculty adviser to the Student Council (SC) after eight years as dean, the decision to leave the position was a difficult one despite her faith in Mr. Coyne.

“There were so many parts of the job that I loved, but it seemed like I needed a new challenge,” she said. “I thought about it for a long time and decided to go for it.”

“She will be missed in her role as 10th-grade dean,” said Math Teacher Chip Rollinson, a member of the sophomore faculty grade team. “She did an amazing job for years.”

Mr. Coyne was selected as the new dean this spring after declaring his interest to Mr. Theobald and Mr. Morton. He said he looks forward to the new role while continuing his work in the college office.

“I have been working at BB&N since 2001 in the College Counseling Office and since then have become a counselor, adviser, and S&R teacher,”
Mr. Coyne said. “I thought that working with the 10th grade would be a good fit and challenge me in a new way.”
Others have high hopes for what Mr. Coyne will contribute to the sophomore class and to the sophomore grade team.

“Mr. Coyne will bring new energy to the role, which is always welcome,” Mr. Rollinson said. “His new role will give him a chance to get to know underclassmen and vice versa. Mr. Coyne and I were part of a committee this spring that was asked to try to define the various grade deans’ roles, and I was impressed by his contributions.”

Sophomore Class President George Ferridge ’16 said he also anticipates the fresh point of view that Mr. Coyne will bring to the grade.
“Although I don’t know Mr. Coyne yet, I believe that with every leadership change, a new and exciting perspective comes in,” George said. “Every transition comes with challenges, but if I do my job and help Mr. Coyne get acquainted with everyone in the grade, I’m sure we’ll have a productive year.”

Mr. Rollinson said Ms. Payne, Mr. Coyne, and the rest of the sophomore grade team and council will work closely to ensure the leadership transition goes as smoothly as possible. But as Ms. Payne noted, because the class she works with changes every year, the transition will likely pose very few difficulties in the first place.

“The rising 10s did not work with me before, so Mr. Coyne won’t be ‘new’ to them,” she said.

And Ms. Payne’s new position in SC will allow her to continue to work alongside student leaders, George said.

“I’m sad to see her move on,” he said, “but I know I’ll still get to work with her, which is exciting.”

Mr. Coyne said he hopes to continue Ms. Payne’s efforts by working with everyone—from parent representatives to the Student Activities Committee (SAC)—to make sophomore year successful.

“I like the 10th grade and am excited to help shape the class with the class officers and other members of the grade team,” he said.
“Sophomore year is an exciting time full of transitions, and I look forward to making 2013-2014 a brilliant year.”

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